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blind installation near me

How Do I Select the Right Blind For Me?

When it comes to finding “blind installation near me”, first it’s important to understand your specific individual requirements. What is your reason for choosing blinds? Blinds are typically a long-term purchase for your home, so you want to be 100% confident with your choice. So, what factors should you consider? Find

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roller blinds fitting service myfitter

What Should You Know About Roller Blinds Fitting?

Our Blog… With so many different types of fabrics and styles, it can be hard choosing the right blinds for your home. One option to consider is roller blinds. There are many things to consider before finalising your choice, including their benefits and where they can be fitted in your home.

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curtain installations fitters

What to Consider When Buying Curtains

Curtains can become a starring feature of any room; acting as either a barrier to prevent the sun from coming in or lighting up a room. But, as there are so many different styles and choices of fabrics, there are certain aspects that need to be considered during curtain installations. Find

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curtain tracks fittings

How to Fit Curtain Tracks

When it comes to curtain track fittings, it is important that measurements are accurate to ensure installation is efficient. Yet, there are crucial steps that need to be understood and followed. Find out the basic steps on curtain tracks from a professional team of curtain fitters here.  Step 1: Select Your

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how to measure curtains for a bay window

How to Measure Curtains For a Bay Window

So, you have a bay window that is in dire need of some curtains? Not just picking out the fabric, there are other factors to consider. Including how to measure curtains for a bay window. Find out the basic steps from a professional team of curtain fitters here.  The first step

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motorised blinds

Why Should You Consider Motorised Blinds?

Window blinds are popular ways of shading windows and offering privacy. However, some blinds have cords and chains to operate them and these must be kept out of the reach of babies and young children. By installing motorised blinds there are no more cables or strings to worry about and

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curtains and blinds fitters

Curtains and Blinds: The Current Trends

As with all areas of interior design, there are trends to be found within the world of curtains and blinds. There are trends within kitchens and bathrooms, so why should trends within other areas of decor be ignored. After all, why would you settle for a generic, plain blind when you

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