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Bathroom blinds

Which Blinds Should You Choose for Your Bathroom? 

Blinds are an excellent method to offer privacy and limit the amount of light that enters a bathroom, but not all blinds are created equal when it comes to surviving the moisture and humidity of the bathroom environment. Bathrooms and kitchens are both practical places that must survive harsh conditions. Because

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Made-to-measure blinds

What are the Benefits of Made-to-Measure Blinds?

When compared to off-the-shelf blinds, the design and quality of made-to-measure blinds are unrivalled. Not to mention the simple pleasure of owning a product that is personalised to your specific needs and the aesthetic of your home. The options are truly limitless when it comes to getting brand new blinds for

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Blind Fitter Installing Blinds

Why Should You Hire a Blind Fitter?

Being proactive while saving money on professional services may seem like a win-win situation, but it isn’t always the greatest choice. As experts, we can’t speak for other DIY projects, but at MyFitter, we think all blinds should be installed by a pro. Installing blinds, on the other hand, is a

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Cat Tangled In Window Blinds

Which Window Blinds are Pet Friendly? 

According to Statista, 59% of UK households own pets. Although we Brits adore our pets, they can be incredibly destructive, and window blinds are certainly no exception. Many a pet parent has had to throw away a cheap plastic mini-blind that our furry buddy had bent and broken to pieces in

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Cup of hot winter drink and treats on windowsill next to blinds

Are Blinds Good Insulators?

Energy costs always rise significantly throughout the winter, and this year being no exception. Turning off your heater may be one way to reduce energy costs, but once the cold comes in, it just isn’t an option. Therefore, it only makes sense that you should strive to keep the heat that

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Black Venetian Blinds next to modern lamp

Everything You Should Know About Venetian Blinds

Also referred to as horizontal blinds, Venetian blinds are made from a series of slats hanging from a headrail. These horizontal slats are an ideal alternative to curtains, as they have a better gauge of managing the amount of light.  So, what should you know about Venetian blinds before purchasing? All

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measure for blinds and curtains in kitchen

Should I Choose Curtains Or Blinds For My Kitchen?

The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer. Both curtains and blinds have their benefits for different rooms and styles. At MyFitter, we not only fit curtains but, our team of fitters also understands how to measure for blinds in various rooms. Let’s have a look at how both

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roller blinds range faqs

FAQS on Our Roller Blinds Range

For all types of homes, our roller blinds range is a sleek and modern alternative that can fit a variety of needs. We’re here to answer the most frequently asked questions about roller blinds and how MyFitter can help. Where Should Roller Blinds Be Fitted? Roller blinds can be installed either

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myfitter made to measure curtains installations

The Benefits of Made to Measure Curtains

Windows come in a variety of sizes and shapes. More so in older homes, where there doesn’t seem to be a pattern or justification for the windows’ unusually large sizes. So, homeowners might not be able to buy regular ready-made curtains. That’s where made to measure curtains come in. There are

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child safety blinds

How to Make Blinds Child Friendly

From February 2014, all new blinds must meet child safety requirements determined by British Standards. For homes with small children, there are more factors to consider when choosing blinds. Parents must find child safety blinds to ensure the risk of accidents is lowered. But, how can you be sure that your

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best bay window

How to Choose the Best Bay Window Curtain Pole

When it comes to a bay window curtain pole, it can be hard for homeowners to know what type they need. Or even, if they can have one at all. That’s why at MyFitter, we’re here to help with any queries regarding curtain and blind fittings. What is a Bay Window

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curtain installation for energy efficient homes

How Curtain Installation Can Help Save You Energy Bills This Winter

This year has seen a lot of highs and lows. Notably, the constant rise of inflation and energy bills increasing, which has seriously affected the majority of the UK. But, although the new Prime Minister has announced the upcoming ‘Energy Price Guarantee’ which limits the number of energy bills, is this

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blind fitters near me sustainable blinds room

How Eco-Friendly Are Blinds?

Many homeowners are starting to implement environmentally friendly solutions within their homes, including rain catchers and various uses of solar energy. So, why can’t this be translated for their choice of blinds? Every little counts and each small step helps lower the planet’s carbon footprint. If you are looking for “blind

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office blind fitting service

How a Blind Fitting Service Can Benefit Commercial Buildings

Here at MyFitter, we have spoken about installing our blind fitting service in homes across the UK. However, that is not the only type of building that benefits from the installation of blinds. Various types of commercial properties utilise blinds within their workspaces and as a result, gain multiple benefits. Find

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vertical blinds cat myfitter

Are Vertical Blinds Obsolete?

With so many different types and styles of blinds, some people may think that the standard vertical blinds have become outdated over the years. Especially when new technology such as blackout and motorised blinds have become increasingly more popular.  Well, the short answer is no! Vertical blinds still have a variety

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curtain pole fittings

What Do You Need to Know About Curtain Pole Fittings?

So, you’ve decided to include a curtain pole in your interior? From their invention in the late 1800s, curtain poles have been a popular and trendy choice for homes across the UK, even in modern times. But, what should homeowners consider about curtain pole fittings before installation? Find out more here

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blind installation near me

How Do I Select the Right Blind For Me?

When it comes to finding “blind installation near me”, first it’s important to understand your specific individual requirements. What is your reason for choosing blinds? Blinds are typically a long-term purchase for your home, so you want to be 100% confident with your choice. So, what factors should you consider? Find

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roller blinds fitting service myfitter

What Should You Know About Roller Blinds Fitting?

Our Blog… With so many different types of fabrics and styles, it can be hard choosing the right blinds for your home. One option to consider is roller blinds. There are many things to consider before finalising your choice, including their benefits and where they can be fitted in your home.

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curtain installations fitters

What to Consider When Buying Curtains

Curtains can become a starring feature of any room; acting as either a barrier to prevent the sun from coming in or lighting up a room. But, as there are so many different styles and choices of fabrics, there are certain aspects that need to be considered during curtain installations. Find

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curtain tracks

How to Fit Curtain Tracks

When it comes to curtain track fittings, it is important that measurements are accurate to ensure installation is efficient. Yet, there are crucial steps that need to be understood and followed. Find out the basic steps on curtain tracks from a professional team of curtain fitters here.  Step 1: Select Your

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