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Many homeowners are starting to implement environmentally friendly solutions within their homes, including rain catchers and various uses of solar energy. So, why can’t this be translated for their choice of blinds? Every little counts and each small step helps lower the planet’s carbon footprint. If you are looking for “blind fitters near me”, our fitters can help assist with what blinds you choose for your home and how they can help your home become eco-friendly.

What You Should Consider

But, before we go through the different types of blinds, what factors should you first consider?

  • Are the blinds made from natural materials?
  • Did they come from a sustainable source?
  • How energy efficient will they be? Are they going to protect heat escaping or entering the room?
  • What happens to them if they are replaced? Can they be recycled?

Though not every blind will meet this brief, it is still important to understand from the get-go how sustainable the materials are. Especially if you are concerned about becoming eco-friendly. 

Wooden Blinds

If you like the traditional cosiness of genuine wood in your décor but are concerned about its environmental impact, there is an eco-friendly choice. uPVC faux wooden blinds from sustainable sources will help you live more environmentally friendly by bringing the outside inside. Because they are water-resistant and won’t stain or warp, they are a popular option for kitchens and bathrooms. 

At MyFitter, we have a range of colours for our wooden blinds, including black, brown, grey and white. Whether you are wanting your blinds to fit into your home aesthetic or to stand out as a statement. Consider “blind fitters near me” and let our team at MyFitter install your perfect blinds. Find out more here at our new shop. 

Thermal Blinds

Thermal lining is a different material that you may want to consider when looking for eco-friendly window coverings. Eco Thermal Blinds are thicker than the typical blind since they are constructed of many layers. This results in a remarkable insulator. This implies that you may significantly limit the amount of heat loss through windows during the chilly winter months and that your home will stay comfortably cool during the hot summer months. 

Or, why not consider blackout blinds? This way, you can control the amount of light that enters the room and protect harmful UV rays from damaging interior furnishings. It will also maintain the room’s temperature and keep it cool during the warmer months. Ideal for spaces that require complete light control, such as bedrooms, studies and cinema/games rooms. For more information on our blackout blinds, click here.

Donate, Reuse or Recycle

There are so many things to do with old shutters rather than just sending them to the tip. Whether you are simply wanting a new style in your room or the blinds have been damaged in some way, reusing the shutters is a great way to give a new lease of life to the materials in an environmentally friendly way. Simply, remove the old shutters, dust and sand them down if necessary. Now, they can be painted in any colour and reused however you like. Here are just a few examples:

  • Rustic photo frames
  • Garden furniture  
  • Headboards
  • Plant markers

Or, if they are in good condition, donate them to charity shops or textile banks. This way, your blinds can be repurposed in a different home, so that no material is wasted in any way. Make sure you ask your blind fitters to ensure they can be recycled. Look for “blind fitters near me” so you fully understand how sustainable the blinds are.

Blind Fitters Near Me

Here at MyFitter, our team of fitters install curtains and blinds across the country. All of our blind fittings are made to measure and perfectly fitted to meet your individual specifications. So, when needing “blind fitters near me”, look no further than MyFitter!

For more information, or to book our blind fitting service, fill in our form here. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with our blind installations. 

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