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With so many different types of fabrics and styles, it can be hard choosing the right blinds for your home. One option to consider is roller blinds. There are many things to consider before finalising your choice, including their benefits and where they can be fitted in your home. So, without further ado, find out what you should know about roller blinds fitting from a team of professional blind fitters.

What Are Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds are a single piece of cloth that goes into the top of your window frame, either inside or outside of your window recess and wraps around a casing. These types of blinds are operated either by a pull cord that is attracted to the bottom of the roller blinds or a side-winding chain mechanism that is linked to the blind casing. 

There are also motorised roller blinds that allow you to operate the blinds remotely. This is ideal for any part of the house that is out of reach and requires assistance to let light in or give the room privacy. 

Benefits of Roller Blind Fittings 

Roller blinds are a widely popular choice as they are highly adaptable. They can be found in a wide range of materials, light filtration, colours and patterns. Typically, a roller blinds fitting implements PVC as their main fabric. This is because PVC is naturally flame retardant, waterproof and structurally sound. Which makes it ideal for easy maintenance throughout the year and hard to damage. This also means that rollers blinds can be implemented in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms; as they can withstand high heat and come with wipe-clean options. 

In addition, these types of blinds include enhanced light control. Although they do not block out sunlight as well as Venetian blinds, they nonetheless give a room a remarkably dramatic appearance. Ideal for homeowners that are wanting a soft light. So, they should be found in kitchens and living rooms, rather than nurseries or bedrooms.

What Windows Do Roller Blinds Suit?

Although roller blinds suit most types of windows, there are certain styles that would benefit from the incorporation of these blinds. For example, motorised roller blinds fitting services can aid skylights and other windows that are higher than the floor level. Without the motorised feature, it can be difficult for homeowners to open and close their roller blinds whenever they want and may require help to perform this task. That’s why roller blinds should be considered, as this enables homeowners to control the amount of light in their room.

Also, certain windows may have a width and height that makes it difficult for other types of blinds such as Venetian and vertical. Instead, a roller blinds fitting warrants simple installation and can be altered depending on the width and size. 

How to Measure For Roller Blinds

There are two types of roller blind fittings.

Top Fixing

For homeowners wanting the roller blinds within their window recess, start by measuring the width of the chosen window (starting at the top). Use the window edges as a guide. Next, measure across the middle and bottom of the window and use your smallest measurement as the final figure.

Then, you should measure the height of the window, from the same three places. The smallest measurement is your drop height.

Face Fixing

For roller blinds above the window recess, you need to measure the width again. But, then add another 120mm to it. Repeat for the middle and bottom, adding an additional 120mm to each measurement. Your smallest measurement will be your final one.

Once you have your width measurement, measure the top from where your roller blinds fitting will sit, to where you want it to drop. Make sure there will be no obstructions for the final installation.

However, this can be difficult, especially for homeowners who are unsure about measuring. Why not rely on a professional team of fitters that will ensure measurement and installation are efficient and meet your specifications? 

Our Blind Fitting Service

At MyFitter, we provide curtain and blind fittings all across the UK. Our experienced blind fitters use the latest materials and technology throughout the installation process and ensure that they are top of the roller blinds range. 

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