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When compared to off-the-shelf blinds, the design and quality of made-to-measure blinds are unrivalled. Not to mention the simple pleasure of owning a product that is personalised to your specific needs and the aesthetic of your home. The options are truly limitless when it comes to getting brand new blinds for your property, you normally have two options: made to measure or off the shelf. 

Keeping this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the unique benefits of made-to-measure blinds so you can make the best selection for your home.

Made-to-Measure Blinds 

Made-to-measure blinds are tailored to fit your windows exactly, which means that they will fit more snugly and look neater than off-the-shelf blinds. This can also make them more energy efficient by reducing drafts, and also make the look of the room more clean and polished.

More Design Options 

You have more control over the design and style of your blinds with made-to-measure blinds. You can choose the right blinds to match your decor by selecting from a variety of colours, patterns, and materials.


You can specify the exact measurements and operating system that you need for your blinds. This can include width, height, and even the type of operation, for example, if you want a cordless, motorised or smart-home enabled.

Increased Functionality 

Many made-to-measure blinds have features such as UV protection, blackout, and insulation. This can help to improve the overall performance of the blinds for certain demands; for example, some made-to-measure roller blinds can come with waterproof fabrics, making them an excellent choice for bathrooms.

Better Value for Money 

While custom blinds are more expensive than off-the-shelf choices, they can provide better value in the long run. They are built to last and are designed to suit your windows precisely, so they will not wear out or break as rapidly as off-the-shelf solutions.

To summarise, made-to-measure blinds have numerous advantages, including a perfect fit, additional design options, enhanced functionality, and better value for money. They are especially suitable for non-standard window measurements, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Our curtain and blind fitting services are available not just in all London boroughs, but also throughout the United Kingdom. We install made-to-measure curtains to ensure that bespoke styles are properly implemented. 

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