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With so many different types and styles of blinds, some people may think that the standard vertical blinds have become outdated over the years. Especially when new technology such as blackout and motorised blinds have become increasingly more popular. 

Well, the short answer is no! Vertical blinds still have a variety of benefits and can help certain homes that have specifications which need to be met. End of article? Definitely not.

At My Fitter, we understand what each type of blind can offer for residential and commercial properties. So, let’s break down the various options vertical blinds give to a room and why you should consider them for your home.   

Light Control and Privacy

Vertical blinds allow you to manage the amount of light that comes into a room in a variety of ways. This includes completely open slats to slightly inclined and even complete darkness in the evenings. 

But, having the ability to completely shut your blinds isn’t just ideal for light control. It also offers complete privacy when you are wanting to shut out the outside world. This means that, if you have large windows in your bedroom and require complete privacy, vertical blinds may be your ideal choice. 

Enhance Your Space

When it comes to interior design, it is important that, although the space may be small, certain elements are utilised to enhance the room. And this is where vertical blinds can help. Vertical lines are known to give the impression that a room is higher than it actually is. Therefore, if this is an important feature you want to have, vertical blinds may be for you.

Utilising vertical blind placement is ideal for suggesting height. Especially when running across the floor all the way to the ceiling. 

Patio Doors

One of the benefits of vertical blinds is that they work best for long and large windows. As they naturally are long and slim, they can cover a large space effectively and are relatively easy to install. They remain a popular choice for windows such as French and sliding doors. 

In addition, by hiring a team of fitters, you are ensuring that your blind installation is done correctly and to the industry’s highest standards. The blind fitters will accurately measure your windows or doors that require blinds and measure the length that is needed to cover the entire space. Vertical blinds can be as large as 10 feet and as wide as 16 feet. Whatever your individual requirements are, vertical blinds can be fitted to meet all needs.  

How to Clean Vertical Blinds

For fabric vertical blinds, there are simple steps to ensure a proper process is completed when cleaning. Firstly, before detaching, dust the blinds. Get rid of any excess dust that may be dirtying the cloth. Then, using lukewarm water, clean the blinds in a bath or large basin and ensure each panel is thoroughly washed.

With a cloth, wipe any marks on the blind, but remember to avoid scrubbing as this can cause loose ends. Dab off any excess water and hang up to dry. 

Our Curtain and Blind Fitters

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