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How a Blind Fitting Service Can Benefit Commercial Buildings

Here at MyFitter, we have spoken about installing our blind fitting service in homes across the UK. However, that is not the only type of building that benefits from the installation of blinds.

Various types of commercial properties utilise blinds within their workspaces and as a result, gain multiple benefits. Find out more here about the benefits of a commercial blind fitting service and why you should consider MyFitter when looking for “blind fitters near me”.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

When it comes to businesses, there are a variety of costs that can total up to high expenses. Many business owners may believe that having blinds installed is a luxury that they cannot afford. However, this is not the case. In fact, blinds can become a cost-effective solution for the future of the business and their bills.

Depending on the type of blinds chosen, they can actually regulate the room temperature and save on energy bills. During the winter months, black-out roller blinds are effective at keeping the heat in. Whilst, in the warmer months, ensuring that no more heat is coming through. Ultimately, this will help reduce both heating and cooling costs with a blind fitting service.

Create a Good Working Environment

Not only do blinds such as roller blinds have the opportunity to reduce commercial energy bills, but they can also help improve the overall working environment. Especially in offices with multiple computers, glare can affect how fast and effective employees get on with their work. That is why installing blinds using our blind fitting service is an ideal way to not just control the light, but also minimise glare, particularly in the morning. 

Overall, this will improve efficiency throughout the workspace. In addition, why not consider motorised blinds? This way, employees can control how much light enters the room throughout the day, changing it as the sun rises and sets.     

Easy to Clean

Generally, blinds typically do not require a lot of maintenance, which is ideal in offices where cleaning is the last thing on an employee’s mind. Usually, a simple dusting every few weeks will get most of the dirt off; then, a required deep cleaning to remove more serious grime. 

As blind fitters, we understand which blinds are the easiest to clean and maintain. For example, Venetian blinds are made of horizontal slats which can be made in various materials, such as aluminium and wood. Simply, dust each slat with a cloth. But, if these are kept at an angle, the blinds will not collect as much dust. 

Security Reasons

For most businesses, important and valuable assets will be left overnight in offices. So, security is vitally important. In these cases, installing blinds using a blind fitting service should be utilised to ensure various levels of security are in place. Fitters will measure for blinds to make sure they perfectly fit the specific window. Therefore, passersby will not be able to see anything that is left inside and deter potential thieves. 

Also, even during the working day, the installation of blinds can help protect important and sensitive data. Both inside and outside of your business, data breaches are possible. So, blinds have the ability to protect this information that may be on screens from anyone outside and even inside. If there are individual interior offices, blinds can be fitted to provide privacy for meetings and other private work.  

Our Blind Fitting Service

At MyFitter, we have a variety of different styles and types of curtains and blinds to choose from, that meet different specifications. Our blind fitting service provides services across the UK, so if you are looking for “blind fitters near me”, chances are our team is in your area! Find out more about how to select the right blinds specific to your needs here. 

Or, are you interested in becoming a blind fitter? MyFitter is always looking for experienced curtain and blind fitters to join our growing team. Just send us your CV here and find out if you have the right skills to perform a blind fitting service with us. 

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