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Battle of the Blinds: vertical, roller, panel – which is best?

When the time comes to find the right blinds for your property, it can prove to be a bit of a minefield. After all, do you go for vertical blinds? Perhaps panel blinds will work better? In fact, why not opt for roller blinds? You might feel as though there are too many options but knowing what you require is one step toward making the right decision.

You might want to consider the look that you are attempting to create. The colour scheme will also play a part as well as the kind of décor you have chosen. How much natural light do you need? Perhaps you have too much or perhaps you require additional privacy. Having the ability to narrow down the options can make life easier but in the main, there is a real battle of the blinds going on, so which is best? Vertical, roller or panel blinds?

The Price

Obviously, the cost is down to your specific requirements but in the main, roller blinds can prove to be the cheapest due to the more simplistic design but vertical blinds can also prove to offer good value for money when compared to panel blinds. However, your specific needs can have a huge impact on the price.

Range of Use

All three blinds have a wide range of use. Roller blinds are typically the most basic of the three choices. This is because they simply roll up and down over a window, as the name suggests. They are effective within the reach of their own purpose but vertical blinds offer more versatility. They can be used on doors and windows that require privacy but still need to let in light as they can be angled in different ways. In comparison to this, Panel blinds offer something slightly different. Yes, they do a similar job to that of roller blinds but they have more uses because they can be used as a room divider or as a door to a room. They are certainly different and offer sophistication.

Control of Light

Most people will install blinds as a way of controlling the light in the room, unlike curtains which are often installed for show. Roller blinds are either open or closed and that is the simple way of looking at them, however, they can come as a blackout option that is designed to keep rooms dark. In the same way, panel blinds are very similar as they are pulled down and cannot be opened at angles like vertical blinds and so, these offer the best form of light control. Due to the way in which they can be angled or totally closed, it is possible to allow full light through, partial light or none at all.


We live in an age where heat retention is crucial and so, the blinds that we choose can help to control the temperature in a room. Panel blinds and roller blinds are both very similar in the way that they can help you to regulate the temperature in your chosen room. However, vertical blinds allow heat to escape because heat can escape between each blade making them less energy efficient.

Roller vs Panel Blinds

Understanding which blind is best is almost down to a matter of choice and your needs. Roller blinds and panel blinds offer a level of versatility in terms of how they can block out light, control light to a very small degree and cost less as well as keep energy costs down. However, vertical blinds offer enhanced privacy and greater control over the light which is ideal for many people.

So, which blind is best? For more information on what blinds would best suit your home, fill in our online form here. Or, book one of our experienced fitters for a reliable and efficient blind fitting service. Follow us on Instagram for more updates.