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As with all areas of interior design, there are trends to be found within the world of curtains and blinds. There are trends within kitchens and bathrooms, so why should trends within other areas of decor be ignored? After all, why would you settle for a generic, plain blind when you could opt for something that’s really going to grab attention? Similarly, why choose an understated curtain when you could make it a focal point?

The trends in curtains and blinds are frequently changing, but each season there are styles and designs that stand out as being extremely popular. Here are some of the current trends being seen:

Top Curtain and Blinds Trends

  • Bold Colours

For many years the minimalist look was popular, with many designers opting to use greys and beiges throughout homes. However, recently there has been a shift towards bolder colours; vibrant greens, deep reds and dark blues have been favoured. Choosing a bold colour for curtains and blinds works in a similar way to accent walls, by drawing a visitor’s gaze.

  • Layering

You may associate layering more with fashion, but it’s become popular in the home. Layering curtains and blinds together is a great way to create tones and patterns, with a lot of people choosing to use a lighter curtain over a solid blind. Plus, it’s a fantastic technique for blocking out unwanted light.

  • Bringing Outside Light In

A lot of people are choosing to use lighter fabrics and sheer materials to bring the outside light into a room. This works well in small rooms or rooms that don’t get a lot of natural sunlight during the day. Rather than opting for no curtains and blinds altogether, this trend brings the outside light in whilst still looking aesthetically pleasing and providing privacy.

  • Metallics

For those who like a more industrial, clean look in their property then there’s the metallic trend. Using gold, bronze and silver fabrics for blinds and curtains is a good way to step away from patterns, soft furnishings and warmth. Metallics are especially popular in kitchens, bathrooms and studies.

Many people view curtains and blinds as being a necessity within the home and though this is true, there’s no reason as to why this necessity cannot be a stylish and fashionable one.

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