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When it comes to a bay window curtain pole, it can be hard for homeowners to know what type they need. Or even, if they can have one at all. That’s why at MyFitter, we’re here to help with any queries regarding curtain and blind fittings.

What is a Bay Window Curtain Pole?

A bay window has two, three, or even five sides that extend outward from the wall rather than being flat. Therefore, 

Bay window curtain poles are the best choice for installing poles in otherwise problematic window positions since they can be adjusted to the bay window’s specific shape.

Prior to the invention of bay window poles, the only options for dressing bay windows were curtain rails or bendable curtain tracks. A bay window curtain pole is now available in a wide range of options.

What Are the Different Types of Bay Window Curtain Poles?

There are three primary alternatives to choose from when selecting your bay window curtain pole. A number of factors may dictate which type of bay window curtain pole you pick, including the design of your window frame.

If your bay window has five sides, it probably has a big central window and two more window panels on each side. Although the five-sided bay window is frequently thought to be the most difficult to dress with curtains, this needn’t be the case. By purchasing a 5-sided bay window curtain pole set, you can hang your curtains across all 5 windows without any gaps and neatly draw them back when you wish to let in more light.

For three-sided bay windows, this typically results in two smaller windows on either side of the central window. With each side window at a 90-degree angle, you’ll either need the square (or boxed) version of the three-sided bay window curtain pole, or you’ll need the splayed bay, which fits a more curved bay window frame and has the smaller side windows at a 45-degree angle to the central one. If you are unsure about what your bay window requires, find out more here. 

For windows with a corner-type shape, a two-sided bay window pole (also known as an L-shaped pole) is utilised. 

What Colours Do Curtain Poles Come in?

For a bay window curtain pole, it all depends on what you are wanting from the space. Are you wanting the curtain pole to fit in with your aesthetics? Or, do you want your bay window to become the statement piece of your room that draws attention? Whatever your preferences, at MyFitter, we have a range of colours for curtain poles, in a range of materials as well.

Our made-to-measure curtain poles come in colours such as brass, cream and pine. For bay windows, our surveyors will visit your property and determine what type of tailored bay window curtain pole you will require. From there, we will provide you with a fully costed quote and arrange an installation that best suits you.

Should You Have Curtains For a Bay Window?

Interior design experts disagree on the best way to hang curtains on bay windows and even whether they should be drawn at all. Although some would argue that bay windows appear better with panels or complete blinds, many people choose bay window curtains because they provide an already spectacular feature and an extra aesthetic boost.

Whatever your decision, it’s important to find reputable curtain fitters who will be able to offer sound and calculated advice for the installation of a bay window curtain pole. Find out more about our made-to-measure bay window curtain pole installations here. 

Our Curtain Fitters

At MyFitter, we provide blind and curtain fitting services across the UK, with fitters based in areas such as London, Newcastle and Edinburgh. Our experts have years of experience in effectively and efficiently installing curtains and blinds in various residential and commercial properties. So, if you’re looking for a custom bay window curtain pole to be installed, consider MyFitter!

For more information, or to book our curtain fitters today, fill in our form here. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and stay up to date with our latest projects and services.

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