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How Curtain Installation Can Help Save You Energy Bills This Winter

This year has seen a lot of highs and lows. Notably, the constant rise of inflation and energy bills increasing, which has seriously affected the majority of the UK. But, although the new Prime Minister has announced the upcoming ‘Energy Price Guarantee’ which limits the number of energy bills, is this enough? And how can curtain installation help during the colder months? Find out more here at MyFitter.

Think About the Positioning 

It is vital that, through curtain installation, you are optimising your space in regard to energy efficiency. Once they are hung, the right curtain material can help keep these prices down and ensure your interiors remain warm through the colder months. All so you don’t have to leave the heating system on for as long and conserve energy.

For example, in living rooms, why not have cotton curtains that can be tucked behind the radiator? This will ensure no heat escapes and prevents any draughts from entering the room. The same applies if you have roller blinds in kitchens or bathrooms. Homeowners can stop the heat from escaping by resting the blind on the windowsill and blocking any gaps. Find out more about roller blinds here.  

Made to Measure

The new energy cap will not limit how much homeowners pay and households may have to pay up to £2,500 a year. Compared to before the cap, which would have been up to £3,549, this number is slowly decreasing. However, it is still far much higher than certain homes can pay. 

Therefore, everyone’s first priority is to ensure value for money. We can all lower our heating costs and, as a result, lower our carbon footprint by making wise decisions with curtain installation. Your current blinds and curtains may have a life expectancy of 10 years or less, depending on the material. Updating them can not only give your interior new life, but it may also save your heating bills.

At MyFitter, our knowledgeable curtain fitters will guarantee that your curtains or blinds are made-to-measure to fit your windows and keep heat from escaping. In addition to ensuring the ideal fit, choosing the proper lining and material can significantly save expenditures.

Thermal Lining

Using thermal lining for your blinds and curtain installation, which is an energy-efficient option, is a fantastic method to further prevent heat loss. By preventing air from entering or leaving the room, thermal lining lowers the amount of heating required. Thermal lining’s ability to hold onto heat helps control temperature by keeping a room cooler in the summer and insulating it in the winter.

Additionally, the thermal lining will aid in preventing sunlight from entering the room through the window, which could harm the furnishings in the room and the fabric of the curtains. The addition of a thermal lining will lengthen the curtain’s lifespan and provide year-round advantages.

Blackout Blinds

But, what about blinds? It’s not just curtain installation that can benefit homes. Blackout blinds are also good energy-efficient solutions to help lower any energy bills. Blackout blinds come in a variety of different colours and shades, to block out all light from entering a room. However, this is not just a benefit for bedrooms or cinema rooms. 

These blinds can come with a thermal lining to reduce any heat loss and minimise the amount of cold air that enters the property. Find out more information on blackout blinds on our new shop page here. 

Our Curtain Fitters

Here at MyFitter, we provide a blind and curtain fitting service across the UK. Whether it’s finding out how to measure curtains for a bay window, or searching for “curtain fitters near me”. Enquire below and see how MyFitter can help! Let MyFitter know your specifications and we will do the rest! Find out more here.

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