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The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer. Both curtains and blinds have their benefits for different rooms and styles. At MyFitter, we not only fit curtains but, our team of fitters also understands how to measure for blinds in various rooms. Let’s have a look at how both curtains and blinds can benefit your kitchen and which one is best specifically for you.

What’s Better? Blinds or Curtains

Although blinds are seen as the more practical option, both blinds and curtains have a place in modern kitchens. It can all depend on your specifications, the overall look you are going for and how the kitchen is laid out

Blinds are typically less expensive, and their sleek design works better in a hectic kitchen area than long curtains. Blinds also have more ability to manage the amount of natural light in rooms and can provide privacy for homes. However, it is important that when you measure for blinds you have the correct measurements to ensure a proper fit.

On the other hand, full-length curtains can enhance a kitchen visually, especially in open-plan areas that join with the living room. Depending on the material chosen, curtains are great for keeping heat and draughts out. Ideal for energy efficiency this winter. Find out more about how curtain installations can help save you money here.  

What Should I Consider For Kitchen Curtains?

Instead of choosing brightly coloured curtains for kitchen windows, which may actually end up dominating the space, opt for more natural or understated fabrics. Instead, if your kitchen has a dominant colour scheme, add a splash of colour with patterned fabric or bright tiebacks.

Choosing curtains made of a more natural, translucent fabric is a wise choice for a contemporary kitchen. This has a fashionable appearance and won’t block any of the daylight that enters your kitchen during the day. Kitchen curtains can maximise the natural light without compromising your privacy. Consider our made to measure curtains, which are purposely designed and installed to meet your requirements.

What Blinds Are the Best For Kitchens?

Kitchens are the heart of the home. So, much happens there, especially in busy households. If you are wanting to measure for blinds, first you have to decide which type of blinds you are wanting. Typically, kitchens follow a natural colour scheme. Adding a pop of colour can make your windows stand out and offer an extra level of design to your interiors. Think about roman shades, which are available in various colours and fabrics. 

In addition, kitchens can get extremely messy. Various areas can cause splashes, including near the hob or above sinks. If your windows and blinds are in the splash zone, consider water-safe options that are easy to clean. These include styles such as faux wood and Venetian.  

Our Fitters 

At MyFitter, our curtain and blind fitting services cover not just all London boroughs, but also across the rest of the UK. Our team of curtain fitters are here to ensure that all measurements and installations are thorough and performed to the highest standards in the industry. From how to measure for blinds to everything you need to know about curtain poles. We’ve got you covered!

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