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Windows come in a variety of sizes and shapes. More so in older homes, where there doesn’t seem to be a pattern or justification for the windows’ unusually large sizes. So, homeowners might not be able to buy regular ready-made curtains. That’s where made to measure curtains come in.

There are various benefits to made to measure curtains, especially for windows that are either too long or in a tight space in the home. Find out more here and how MyFitter can help.

Personalised Interiors

Made to measure curtains give homeowners the ability to completely customise the fabric’s design, which is not possible with curtains that are mass-produced. Because of this, there are no restrictions on your preferred style and personalised interiors. Homeowners can select their specific style, fabrics and colour schemes, knowing that they are getting their preferred choices for their interior design. 

This allows you to have choices on the more intricate aspects, including pleated headings, heavier fabrics and patterns. In addition, homeowners have the choice to update them for more contemporary interior designs. So, when it comes to fitting curtains, you can be assured that they will offer unparalleled flexibility. 

Exact Measurements

It gives it away in the name. “Made to measure curtains” are precisely measured to fit your specific needs. These custom curtains are designed and made to fit your exact specifications, even if you need them in an odd size. 

This is the main advantage of made to measure curtains and the reason why they are becoming increasingly more popular. Find out more about our made to measure services here in our new shop.

Highest Quality Products

Even though made to measure curtains and blinds may cost more than off-the-shelf options, the quality will be far higher. 

MyFitter has more than 12 years of experience measuring and installing made to measure curtains and blinds. In addition to making sure your purchase is right for you, we use only the best materials. For this reason, we provide a 5-year manufacturing guarantee and a 12-month warranty on all delivered products.

Choice of Linings and Fabrics

When buying off the shelf, you can have trouble finding fabrics or linings that meet all of your requirements. You must therefore be prepared to make compromises. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Finding the perfect item, whether it’s the colour, the pattern, or the fabric itself, can be challenging. When purchasing made-to-measure blinds or curtains, this is not the case.

Different linings can offer different functionality for a home. Linings can help insulate against too much noise or ensure your blinds black out as much light as possible. This is ideal, also, with the ongoing energy crisis, as the right lining can help keep in the heat. Find out more here on our previous blog.

Curtain Installations Near Me

Here at MyFitter, our curtain and blind fitting services cover not just all the London boroughs, but also, across the entirety of the UK. We install made to measure curtains to ensure that bespoke styles are correctly 

For more information, or to receive a quote, fill in our online form here. Or, follow us on Instagram and check out our made to measure curtains directly to your feed.

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