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According to Statista, 59% of UK households own pets. Although we Brits adore our pets, they can be incredibly destructive, and window blinds are certainly no exception. Many a pet parent has had to throw away a cheap plastic mini-blind that our furry buddy had bent and broken to pieces in their quest to see outside. Selecting a pet-friendly window blind can seem difficult, especially if you have puppies or kittens.

Therefore, as a pet owner, do you utilise the advantages of blinds while your pets are present in the same area? We put up some excellent advice and recommendations for selecting pet-resistant blinds.

Can You Pet-Proof Your Blinds? 

Pets merely want to explore the outdoors. The postman, a bird, and that obnoxious neighbour’s cat who simply cannot be convinced that he is in the wrong places despite repeated warnings from them and when they want to get a good look, they pry open the blinds that are blocking their view with their heads and paws. For homeowners wishing to pet-proof their window blinds, there are some wise choices and some not so wise choices when it comes to blinds.

Roller Blinds 

The best option is a roller blind, in our opinion. When you are away, you may roll them up out of the way so your pet can look out the window. Additionally, they are composed of a sturdy, durable material that is difficult to scratch or mark and has no bendable slats. In addition, they don’t seem to gather as much pet hair, which is always a plus.

Faux Wood Blinds 

We would recommend faux wooden blinds with a wide slat if you are intent on having blinds in the Venetian design. Unlike wooden or aluminium blinds, faux wood blinds are less likely to be scratched or damaged. They can be motorised, which eliminates the alluring cable, and they are robust and durable. Larger slats also enable the blinds to be closed while tilted open providing a greater viewing area for your pet, which may help deter them from attempting to pry them open to obtain a better look.

Roman Blinds 

Roman blinds look fantastic and have no slats for pets to poke their heads, paws, or complete bodies through. They are also completely view-blocking and are created without any cables. For a refined, elegant appearance, you can still cover them with valances and other decorations.


We frequently hear the question of whether pet-friendly blinds are available when customers contact us to schedule a blind measurement appointment. We are also aware that if a pet is present when we visit a home to measure the windows, the type of blinds the owner chooses will be influenced.

Every pet is unique, every house has a different décor style, and every client has various needs for their blinds. Some people only want their privacy, while others want something to reduce sun glare at various moments of the day. 

At MyFitter, our team of curtain and blind installers serve the majority of the UK. We work with each customer’s particular needs while ensuring their complete satisfaction along the process. Whether this entails purchasing specially crafted wooden blinds or placing curtains in your home. Our goal is to assist you. Why not treat yourself to some blinds that won’t be damaged by your pets?

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