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Energy costs always rise significantly throughout the winter, and this year being no exception. Turning off your heater may be one way to reduce energy costs, but once the cold comes in, it just isn’t an option. Therefore, it only makes sense that you should strive to keep the heat that you do pay for inside your house this winter. The best defence against a cold home is insulation. You can insulate your home with double glazing, adequate loft insulation, and other methods, but you might not have given blinds any thought.

You might be surprised to learn that windows let out 10% of the heat in your house. Therefore, keeping them shielded from the cold is crucial in the battle to lower your energy costs. The ideal instrument for these efforts is a blind, but which one is best for your needs? Here, we’ll go over the top blinds for house insulation.

Which are the Best Blinds for Insulating? 

All blinds have some amount of insulation, however not all can insulate to the same extent. You must weigh the aesthetics and utility of your blinds against how well they insulate because some blinds are better at trapping heat than others. This entails weighing the blind’s style against its material of construction. Thick textiles and wood are excellent at containing heat.

Wooden Blinds 

Wood serves as an excellent insulator. One of the best window insulators you may install is a set of wooden shutters. These shutters, which completely enclose the window, can insulate your house from the chilly winter winds. Wooden blinds are another suitable option; however, to retain the heat inside, keep the slats closed.

Roman Blinds 

Roman blinds have persisted through the ages for a reason. These blinds are aesthetically pleasing and perform remarkably well in the heat. However, heavier materials work well as insulators as well. Your home will lose less heat via its windows when it has matching curtains.

What about Conservatories? 

Your conservatory is almost entirely composed of windows, unlike the rest of your house. As a result, your conservatory loses an incredible amount of heat. To stop the heat loss your conservatory will undoubtedly cause, use effective blinds. Also remember to place any form of insulating material on your doors. You might not hesitate to cover your doors with shades, but just because their windows are smaller doesn’t mean they aren’t losing heat. This issue can be solved with made-to-measure blinds.

Our Blind Installation 

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